Day -2

Cyclophosphamide started yesterday, I guess this is some really strong chemo. She has to get up to pee every two hours and they are testing the pee every two hours too.

Threw up a lot yesterday, but now they have her on alternating anti nausea and it seems to be keeping her stomach calm (so far). I think this has been the hardest chemo treatment that she’s been on so far (and we’ve been through a lot). But she is being a very strong young woman, I’m very proud of her!

Mom & Dad on the other hand are trying to stay strong, really hard when you know your baby is hurting & fighting for her life.

The paper change link to counting down the peeing every two hours


PS- what does the “Day -2” mean, days to bone marrow transplant (so her new birthday will be 1-5-2017)

Plans to go home Monday 

I’m very happy to report that we should be going home early next week, hoping for Monday. They are lowering steroids and taking her off  the calories in her IV. Even changing her daily medication from IV to pills.

The last two days we’ve been walking around the hospital, actually out of the ward. She kind of sprinted out the door. Lots of breaks, but she’s doing great!

It’s so good to see the silly Danielle again (and patty)

Not today OHSU

We went in to start the 4th and finial stage of the Chemo treatment, but her ANC level were only 700 (up from 10 when we left the hospital 9 days ago). I guess the 4th treatment is pretty rough and they want the ANC no less the 1000, so home we go for another week.

Danielle is not complaining, I guess I’m not either, she gets to be at home another week.

Next check-In August 24th