Life at Hotel “D”

There is nothing new to report today, Danielle had a rough night last night.  She was dizzy and they took her off blood pressure meds to help.  She seems to be in great spirits.  Friday I dropped by Laika (a company here in Hillsboro that created some very well-known stop motion films: Coraline, ParaNorman, the Box Trolls and Kubo and the Two Strings) to pick up a gift bag that was the highlight of her night!  Thank you Aunt Jojo for coordinating that!  You’re the BEST.  She was so excited, her favorite movie EVER growing up was Coraline and they included a poster, she made me hang that immediately!! pics of her loot are posted.

We’re still in waiting mode for her numbers to come back up so that we can test to see if her chemo was successful…..or not.  Please keep her in your prayers and if you don’t pray send her some good vibes and positive thoughts.  Love you all. Mommy

image image imageThen we hit the sugar and got goofyimage imageNo she’s NOT having an allergic reaction… She put Dots candies under her upper lip!  She pretty!!


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  1. OOOOH, don’t like that she was dizzy, cause I KNOW you’ve said she’s been feeling pretty good, and in good spirits. Little “wind falls” like the “gift bag” from Laika, help keep her spirits up and herself occupied. I KNOW the Elf Troll drawing got the whole family laughing!!! Along w/the stuffed cheeks, good to see her having fun in the face of such crummy circumstances. I ooohm for her in YOGA and send positive vibes and prayers. Looking forward to seeing her on Wednesday at “Hotel D”! Love you!

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