Day 4

Very nauseous so far all day, not wanting to eat or get up. She says chicken noodle soup doesn’t taste right, all I can get her to eat is plain potato chips and sprite. The doctors say that this is normal, the chemo affects the taste buds.


Day 3

Very nauseous today, only one visit to the rest room quickly, But she’s in great spirits. Have to remember all kinds of stuff you never normally have to think about.

  • Brushing teeth to try and keep the chemo off the inside of her mouth (can get sores)
  • Wash every day, our own germs can cause lot’s of problems
  • Mom and Dad need to use gloves if touching anything body fluid (We don’t need the chemo)
  • Chemo in and chemo out is the process

On a good note, she pooped! treatment number 3 tonight at 8pm

We did get out and walk a little bit, and meet a little girl Veronica (very strong and very cute)

Team Danielle!

Today is day three of chemo, Danny is doing great but is starting to have some side effects. She has lost a lot of her appetite and feels pretty sick every time she tries to walk. Her spirits are still really high and she’s acting like her normal goofy self.

But today we decided to make some bracelets with some beads we got from Kelli.

Team Danielle
Team Danielle

Danielle was happy to watch me make the bracelets while she laid back, trying to make the nausea go away.


But after awhile she couldn’t resist the arts and crafts and had to start coloring!




She started making a poster for the door so all the kids can start to get to know her. It seems like it’s starting to set in for her that this will be her life for awhile and she needs to make the best of it. Mom talked with her and encouraged her to make some friends while she’s here so the time still go by faster and so she has someone who understands exactly what she’s going through.

Parents seem to be doing well and are also settling in to their new environment.

Send positive vibes everyone!!

Danielle the Artist

The  journey ahead is not going to be an easy one; for Danielle and for the family. Everyone is keeping high spirits and staying positive which is perfect for Danielle. She’s not one to like being the center of attention or have a bunch of doctors poke at her every two hours. But we all keep smiling and doing our best to make her smile.

Yesterday, before her spinal tap, the little artist create some fun animals with play doh. It’s so incredible how creative she is and how much she loves art. There are artist at the hospital who saw one of her drawings and heard about how much she loves are and are very eager to meet Danielle and see her create masterpieces.

All over her little creations
All of her little creations

After she got back from the spinal tap and the first round of chemo, she was right back to making more animals. She’s so tough is unbelievable.

Little foggy after waking up from the anesthesia.
Little foggy after waking up from the anesthesia.

Day 2

We think she’s a little constipated this morning, so working to get her flowing again. Talking about poop and pee is very normal around here, they track all that goes in and comes out. They say that with her sleeping through the first chemo was a really good sign, so I hope it continues.

Next chemo is at 8pm tonight.

Getting ready for the long road ahead

They are doing a PICC line (to pull blood and give IV in one port) and a spinal tap today, so Danielle is starving again. At least it’s a 1pm so she’s done by 2 and ready for food. The food doesn’t get delivered till 3:30 but it’s the best mac & cheese ever!!

With the spinal tap they take out some fluid then add the first chemo treatment in the fluid directly.

Thank-you Morgan for all the help

9pm we start the first of ten chemo treatments, lots of chemo slowly dripped into her blood stream. Not looking forward to this, I’ve been told that if the chemo was to drip on your skin it would burn. And this is going straight into her blood stream, and she will pee it out. I guess it will change the pee color too


Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)

No food for Danielle, they are trying to get her in for a bone marrow extraction and need to put her under. They need the marrow to confirm what we are fighting as the treatments greatly differ.

We are told that they are 99% sure it’s acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and without treatment, it would take her life. We will be here in the hospital for the next 30 days at least before the first phase of the battle is over.

This can’t be happing to my little girl! We will kick cancers butt!!

Hello Doctor

Trina was putting Danielle’s hair in a ponytail and noticed little red spots on her neck, Danielle stated that dad found red spots too a few days ago. Then Danielle pointed out a blood blister on the inside of her cheek.

After getting Danielle and Devon off to school, Mom and Dad talk about all the little things and said something is not right. Scheduled a same day appointment with DR Thomas.

After talking about the red dots and reviewing there is a blood test done that came back with very upsetting results.

  • Red Blood cells are close to normal   (ok)
  • White Blood cells are VERY high       (bad)
  • Platelets are VERY low 48 (normal is between 140 and 440)

We are advised to go to “Doernbechers Childrens Hospital” emergency room and pack an overnight bag. Also would be a good idea to get a nice family dinner in before we go. So glad we did as it’s been full speed since.


In the ER we have blood drawn, tests done and lots of long conversations with different people, all very very nice. Morgan & Scott show up and we get assigned a room. We find that her platelet count is now down to 8 (below 100 is classified as emergency)Danielle and Dad

They will do a platelet infusion tonight in hopes of getting the level up

Thankfully Morgan, Scott and Ashley were here so Mom and Dad could get a good cry in without freaking Danielle out.

After staying up 2am we call it a night and try to get some sleep. And I truly think Danielle thinks we are all over reacting.

fight with dad

Danielle will not get up today, moving really slow, and crying if I push her to get ready. After fighting with her and trying to get her ready for school I finally give in and let her stay home. She’s very grounded, but still at home cleaning and no electronics. Not normal for Danielle to be that blah in the mornings.

Again asking if she feels ok, anything not feeling right. She says she’s just sad and maybe didn’t get enough sleep,


Danielle is happy and playing with Devon, having fun. Then out of the blue she comes down stairs balling her eyes out wanting a hug, of course she gets all the hugs she wants. When I ask what is wrong I get ” I miss my Nintendo DS” but she lost the DS over a year ago. Why is she so sad about it now, then after she pulls herself together and starts to go back to her room she says she may just cry a little longer (just really feels like crying)?