Going Home!!!

We just found out today that she’s coming home – for a week, if all goes well. Then we’ll be back up at Doernbechers for another month and she’ll come home again for a week (if she’s healthy enough) at which time we will most likely repeat the process again. This will happen for 4-8 months depending on how well she responds to the chemo. So Doernbechers is going to set up a post office box for us since we are now living there. (they don’t know this yet, but I will make sure they find out soon 😉 )

Great Aunt Cindy-Day Three

Danielle is getting way to much attention today for sure.  At first she was excited to get out of school 10:00 to Noon.  Due to the Angel Hair ladies coming.  Mom came and of course I was here!!!  They wanted to learn about Danielle as they had heard she was an artist.  So all this fuss commenced.  They wanted a T-shirt so we practiced our “fight like a girl” posses.


The new wig, showing the art off, yadda, yadda, she bailed out and went to school, just to EXCAPE us and all the attention.  So now I’m sitting in the room all by myself.


Here Today Gone To Maui

ALOHA!!!!! Day Three, Maui Mural Completed!!!  Thank goodness. Worked three days, Aunt Cindy kept me on task.  I told her I have a hard time finishing something if it takes more than a day.  She is a tough task master.


Here we are FINALLY hanging out at the beach!  Practicing for our February Maui trip.  I did actually enjoy myself, but I made Aunt Cindy think I was bored.  Kept me busy and occupied which is good, cause I may not get to go home till Monday. UGH, I miss home.

Mahalo to all my family and friends.


Day 27

This doesn’t get easier as time goes on. The new “normal” is far from what we would have ever thought of. Danielle is doing well, spirits are high and she really does likes doing art all day.

Her blood levels (anc & platelets) are still not creating enough for her. So another platelet transfusion is in the near future. Until the level go up we can’t leave the hospital.

She found a few volunteers with CHAPS to hang out with playing games. She amazes me every day with her personal strength.


Weekend Update

Doctors continue to say how well Danielle is doing. Even though she got platelets again Friday morning. She’s still eating good and keeping herself busy, that’s not always easy As uncle David found out today. Boring. 

She’s off to do art now!

We are hoping for some good news next week, maybe we’ll be able to go home. I know the battle is far from over but a little reprieve will be nice

Thank you everyone for all the support!

Slumber Party!

Big sister Gigi stayed the night tonight to let the parents finally have an evening with each other. And…it…was a blast! It seems logical that as sisters we would have a lot in common, but even with a 12 year age gap, we are still identical. Now either that means I act like a 10 year old or she acts like a 22 year old…not sure which one it is. I blows my mind how she understand my humor and how similar we think, I love having that bond with her.

So for our slumber party we ate our weight in spaghetti and meat balls, ate junk food, did some arts and crafts, watched Harry Potter, painted our nails, and of course…matching pajamas!



It was a fun night, I wore her out for sure. I make that girl get out of bed and move, she hates/loves me for it.

Health wise, she’s doing great today. Platelets were a little low but not low enough for a transfusion, most likely one tomorrow. She ate a LOT today, which is great! We have to be grateful for good days like these.

Send good vibes!


Danielle Has Discovered Doernbechers Won’t Kick Her Out!  No matter what she does!  She’s plotting ways to test this theory, I’m sleeping with one eye open tonight!

She also likes her baby duck fuzz hair!  She runs around like this lately-No Hat!  There is a long piece in front that hangs in her face and sways in the breeze, it makes me crazy.  I’m always trying to smooth the “fuzz” down on her head and she just messes it back up again laughing….



Later after the hair debacle, she made me sit on the window seat and do Origami…. She’s really good!  Her mother? Not so much!