Last Chemo of Her Life! (we hope)

So Danielle has finished her last chemo and her last blue liquidy stuff (don’t ask me to spell it) but she is still peeing blue which is so cool I may add. Aunt Cindy calls it smurf pee Panicky_Smurf_Glovey_Story

and Danielle thinks that is pretty awesome! I noticed today it looks as though she’s wearing eye liner…when I look closer its because her eyelashes are growing back-SUPER thick and black! I don’t know if the new growth will fall out in a week or two, but its promising seeing her body doing normal things like grow hair and such. :0
Danielle doesn’t seem too upset about missing the first day of school, but I think she is excited to get back eventually. We are hoping to be done with Doernbechers for good early to mid October. Things are getting tougher, this is going to be the longest recovery time we have discovered yet and we have worn out all of our help so Bill and I are splitting all our time up either here or at home with Devon. It was nice having the weekends off, but I understand other people have lives and it is wearing sitting up here for hours on end-let alone an entire weekend!!
Please pray for no complications and that we’ll all be home soon doing normal Deisz stuff and if you know us, that’s weird stuff to you regular peeps!! ūüėČ Love you all and keep your loved ones close and tell them how much you appreciate them every chance you get.

Not today OHSU

We went in to start the 4th and finial stage of the Chemo treatment, but her ANC level were only 700 (up from 10 when we left the hospital 9 days ago). I guess the 4th treatment is pretty rough and they want the ANC no less the 1000, so home we go for another week.

Danielle is not complaining, I guess I’m not either, she gets to be at home another week.

Next check-In August 24th

The Waiting May Be The Hardest Part!!

I can’t stop rubbing her fuzzy head it’s soft like when she was a baby! She isn’t impressed with my obsession…image

This year is such a mixture of exciting new-Devon is starting Kindergarten and fear and sadness of having a sick child. ¬†The good news is they still haven’t found any active cancer cells, but when Danielle is getting sick for days on end and can’t hold food down, it can be really hard to celebrate.

My heart is heavy thinking about Devon starting school without his sister there. ¬†We were so excited that they would be together, but he’s a very confident and tough little man, he will be alright. ¬†Knowing Devon, he will be the class President within his first week! ¬†Here’s a photo of Danielle in Preschool and Kindergarten… Sorry about the quality, they are photos of wall pictures.

image image



Pick your favorite flavor

Danielle is working really hard to draw some new cartoon creatures, and would like your help. Please click on the ones below you like (yes it is just a name and colors) but you have to start somewhere.

Vanilla and Vanilla bean will be added together (brother and sister)